Tuesday Strength, Squat/Oly
Warm up
3 rounds
10+10 DB or Bodyweight single leg RDL
10 Inchworms
20 Air squats
20 plate jumps

Skill/Strength 15-20 min
Work to heavy set of 12
*No more than 3 sets total
*Perform the squat with the tempo of 4 second descent, no pause in bottom, 3 second ascent and no pause at top
*Focus much more on maintaining the tempo and good positions over adding heavy load (even if you use 25-40% 1RM or less)

3 AMRAPS (17 min)
3 min Amrap
10 Toes to bars
1 round of DT
12 Deadlift
9 Hang cleans
6 Push jerks
Amrap burpee over bar, lateral
Rest 4 min between amraps

L1: 40/30kg
L2: 35/25kg
L3: 30/20kg, hanging knee raises
L4: 20/15kg, sit ups