Thursday Squat /Oly
Warm up
6min amrap for quality
20 Jumping Jacks
5 Inchworms
10 Bulgarian Split Squats (R/L)*
*No weights first round
10/70 push ups

3 rounds (13min)
1min Max strict handstand push ups or handstand push ups or free hspu
Rest 30sec
1min Max sit ups
Rest 30sec
1min Max double unders
Rest 30sec

EMOM 25 min
1-2 Split jerks (from floor)
Start with 30-40%RM and work up to 60-65%RM
This is for quality, you should be power cleaning to save energy.
Its ok to get to 60%RM within the first minutes and stay there.

L1: –
L2: –
L3: –
L4: –