Thursday Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
Within 6 min complete
40 High knees
40 Mountain climbers
20 Scapula push ups
30sec Active bottom of the squat hold
Set up for metcon and warm up to snatch weight

Mini competition, 4 scored events
10 min AMRAP
20 Cal row
15 Burpee box jump overs
10 Snatches
*score is reps
L1: 61/43kg, high boxes
L2: 50/35kg
L3: 35/25kg, box step overs
L4: 30/20kg, low boxes
Rest 2 min
Within 8min
800m run
Remaining time find 3RM Front squat from floor
*2 scores time and weight
L1: Weight must start at 80/55kg
L2: Weight must start at 60/40kg
L3: Weight must start at 40/30kg
L4: Remaining time: Dumbbell squat cleans 2×15/10kg
Rest 2 min
EMOM 5min
Remaining time every round do amraps clean & jerks
*score is completed C&J
L1: Strict, 70/47,5kg
L2: 50/35kg
L3: Box handstand push ups, 40/30kg
L4:  Push ups, alternating dumbbell clean &jerk 15/10kg