Wednesday Squat /Oly
Warm up 12-15 min
2 rounds
90sec Machine of your choice
5/3 Strict pull ups
15 Hip bridges
30sec Handstand hold
2 rounds with 3-5 reps on each movement, with an empty barbell
Snatch grip deadlift
Snatch high pull
Power snatch
Overhead squat
Hang squat snatch
Squat snatch

Skill/Strength 20min
Take 5 min to build up to first weight
3 sets of
Squat snatch
(Try to increase within sets)
3 reps at 50kg, 2 reps at 60kg, 1 rep at 70kg
3 reps at 55, 2 reps at 65, 1 rep at 75kg
3 reps at 60, 2 reps at 70, 1 rep at 80kg
This is an example of a person’s weights, in this example his/her PR are around 90kg

21 Wallballs 9/6kg
15 Deadlift 80/55kg
9 Toes to bars

L1: 100/70kg
L2: –
L3: 60/40, Hanging knee raises
L4: 6/4kg WB, 50/35kg, situps