Monday Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
3 rounds:
10+10 Big arm circles (Forward/Backward)
5 Push ups to downward dog pose
20 Alt single leg RDL with kettle bell
30sec Bottom of the squat hold
Practice one or two of the movements for 10 min
1 kick up to wall
2 Kick up, move one hand at a time up and down from the floor
2 kick up and walk 1-2 step to wall
3 kick up and walk 1m to wall
4 kick up and walk on the floor
Press hands and shoulders from the floor, tighten yourself as you do before a lift
4 rounds, TC 20min
400m Run
Handstand walk
20 Alt DB Hang Clean and Jerk 22,5/15kg
L1: With a weight vest, 10m hs walk, 30/22,5kg
L2: 10m hs walk
L3: 5m hs walk
L4: 2,5m hs walk, 15/10kg BD
L5: Walk into wall 1-4 times or 1min wall handstand, 10/7kg DB or KB