Saturday Gymnastics midline 
Practice bar muscle ups for 10-15 min with these movements
Hollow and arch position hanging from bar
“Pop” the hip when laying on floor (bridge with shoulder on floor)
Jumping bar muscle ups
Then try
1 Start the kip from the free hang. Be tight and kip aggressively. Swing forward into a solid archer position.
2 Swing your body back into the hollow rock position. Stay tight!
3 Engage your lats. Imagine that you want to pull the bar towards your chest and beneath as if it was movable.
4 Engage your hips, push them towards the bar. A weightless moment should be created by doing so.
5 Perform an extremely fast sit up to bring your upper body over the bar.

4 rounds for time
3 Bar muscle ups
25 Double unders
6 Chest to bars
25 Double unders
12 Toes to bars
25 Double unders

L1: 5-10-15 reps in bar
L2: –
L3: chest to bars, pull ups, toes to bars, 10 double unders
L4: pull ups, ring row, hanging knee raises, single unders