Wednesday Strength and Squat/OLY 
EMOM 12 min
Min 1: 1-3 Deadlift
Min 2: 1-6 Handstand push ups
Quality in all lifts
Build up deadlift over the 12 min, don’t do to many reps at the heaviest weight
Practice efficiency in hspu, strong kick up, tensions in arms when lower down
This is a primer before the metcon, you should be warm and ready to go after 5 min break
2 rounds for time, TC 20 min
10 Deadlift 110/75kg
20 Handstand push ups
30 DB or KB frontrack squats 40/30kg

L1: 143/102kg, 11/7cm deficit hspu
L2: –
L3: 83/52kg, 10 HSPU, 24/16kg
L4: 60/40kg, 5 kick up and lower to floor, 16/12kg