Wednesday Gymnastics midline 
Ring muscle ups practice 10-15 min
Work throu all stages, especially for the ones that never done this before. Those who are comfortable with ring muscle up practice can put more focus on part C.
From the knees or toes on the floor, palms facing each other
High pull to sternum
Transition to low dip
Press to support
Transition back to low dip
Transition and freeze at high pull to sternum
Lower back to ground

Hanging in rings
Close/open (hollow/arch)
With control (able to stop and hang in deadhang)
Keep tension on the ring straps
While swinging, you have to be long, connected, and tight

Swing/kip 2-4 times then pull to the hips. Maintain a straight body throughout and work to get the shoulders hips and hands level with the rings.
Swing/kip, pull to the hips and transition to support, (low dip) then back down.

For time, TC 16 min
60 Box jump overs
60 Alternating dumbbell shoulder to overhead 15/10kg
30 Pull ups
40 High box jump overs
40 Handstand push-ups
20 Chest to bars OR your first muscle up

L1: TC 12 minutes, 22,5/15kg, 30 CTB, 20 Bar muscle ups
L2: –
L3: Box step overs, jumping chest to bars, no high boxes, 20 HSPU, 20 pull ups
L4: Low box step overs, 10/7kg DB or KB, jumping pull ups, 20 push ups, 20 jumping chest to bars