Sunday Team
Double under practice 10 min
Jump unbroken sets
Rest as needed between sets

Team of 2
You go I go, AMRAP 20 min
4 DB thrusters
6 Toes to bars
24 Double unders
Rest 8 min then
1 work, 1 rest, partitioned any way*
40 Chest to bars
80 Calorie row
120 wallballs 9/6kg
*Ex: P1 does 4 ctb+ 8 wb, P2 does 20 calories row..
Keep track of reps, plan ahead.

L1: 2×22,5/15kg, ring muscle ups
L2: 2×22,5/15kg
L3: 2×15/10kg, 3 T2B, 12 DU, pull ups
L4: 2×10/6kg DB OR KB, hanging knee raises, 24 single unders, jumping chest to bars, 6/4kg WB,