Monday Strength and Squat/OLY 
Build to a heavy set for the day in 15 min
5 Hang power cleans
5 Power cleans
5 Shoulder to overheads
5 Thrusters

Hero Wod “Pheezy”
3 Rounds for time, TC 20 min
5 Front squats
18 Pull ups
5 Deadlifts
18 Toes to bars
5 Push jerks
18 Hand release push ups
*Share deadlift barbells with 2-3 if possible

L1: 75/52.5kg, 102/70kg
L2: 61/43kg, 83/55kg
L3: 50/35kg, 70/45kg, 9 pull ups, 9 toes to bars
L4: 43/30kg, 61/43kg, jumping chest to bars, hanging knee raises, 9 push ups
L5: 30/20kg, 50/35kg, jumping pull ups, sit ups, push ups on box