Sunday Team

Handstand push ups practice 10-15 min
1 Place your head on an ab-mat, hand on the sides forming a triangle
2 Place your knees on the elbows and hold for 5 sec
3 From position 2 extend one leg at the time towards the roof, hold for 5 sec
Remember the tension in the body for next step
4 Move to the wall. Kick up to the wall, remember how much you had to control the body in step 3, replicate that. Then lower yourself down into the ab-mat, then let your feet come down to the floor. Repeat this 5-10 times.
5 Do 4 but stay on the abmat. Keeping the tension in the core and arm and hands at all time, lower your knees and kick up to the roof, letting the heals come to rest at the wall in the end.
Remember to always have a neutral neck position, you don’t have to look down on the floor, the top of your head must touch ab-mat, not the forehead.

Team of 2
20 rounds, you go I go (10 each)
12/9 calories on rower
6 Power cleans
6 Thrusters
3 Chest to bars

L1: 43/30kg, 3 ctb+2 t2b+1 bar muscle up
L2: 35/25kg
L3: 30/20kg, pull ups
L4: 25/15kg, jumping chest to bars