Monday Gymnastics midline 

Kipping pull ups practice
Do this 4-5 times,
1 Jump to deadhang
2 Jump to deadhang, kip back and forth then stop in deadhang
3 Jump to deadhang, kip with control for 10 sec
4 Jump to deadhang, kip and pull yourself up towards the bar when your body is behind the bar, then drop down.
5 Same as 4 but now push yourself from the bar then drop down
6 Same as 5 but when pushing hold on to the bar and go for the next kip and pull up.
Pull yourself backwards in every swing, don’t just hang in the bar.

Every 2 Minutes for 30 Min (5 Rounds)
1 round is 6 minutes
Minute 0-2: 9 Pull ups+15 Push ups+6 Pull ups
Minute 2-4: 9 Burpees+12 DB clean and jerk (6+6)+6 Burpees
Minute 4-6: 15 Ab mat Sit ups+20 Double unders+15 Ab mat sit ups
*All burpees are to target
*3 rounds at lunch session

L1: Strict pull ups, 30/22,5kg DB, 30 DU
L2: 22,5/15kg DB
L3: 6+3 pull ups, 15/10kg DB, 10 DU
L4: Ring row instead of pullups, 10/6kg DB or KB, 20 singel unders