Warm up
Run a couple of laps then
Double under practice 10 min
Jump unbroken sets 
Rest as needed between sets 
*scale the reps down if needed
EX 3-6-9-12-3-6-9-12

Toes to bar practice
Do this twice, only working 10-15 sec at every step. Everybody does all steps. 
1 Jump to deadhang 
2 Jump to deadhang, kip back and forth then stop in deadhang 
3 Jump to deadhang, kip and pull knees up (hanging knee raises) 
4 Jump to deadhang, kip, pull knees up and kick feet forward, maintain the kipping movement 
5 Jump to deadhang, kip, pull knees up, kick feet upwards 
6 Jump to deadhang, kip, pull knees up, kick to bar 
Always pull knees and kick when the body is behind the bar 

When all step are done, pick one or two and practice them for another 5-10min

For time, TC 15min 
200 double unders 
Rest 2 min 
100 double unders 
Rest 1 min 
50 double unders 

L1: 300-150-100
L3: 100-75-50
L4: 60-40-20