Warm up
4 rounds, do 30 sec on each, rest as needed
Reverse lunges
Flutter kicks
Mountain climbers 

Practice handstand walk 5-10min 
1 kick up to wall 
2 kick up and walk 1-2 step to wall 
3 kick up and walk 1m to wall 
4 kick up and walk on the floor 
Press hands and shoulders from the floor, tighten yourself as you do before a lift 
L1: Walk 3m then hold handstand for time in a 1x1m space. If you succeed with hshold for more than 15sec, add an obstacle course 

AMRAP 20min
You go I go
3 Pull ups
2 Chest to bars
2 Toes to bars
3 Burpee box jump overs
2 (1+1) Dumbbell snatch into a thruster

L1:  no t2b, add 2 bar muscle ups 30/22,5kg
L2: 22,5/15kg
L3: 3 jumping pullups, 2 pull ups, 2 hanging knee raises, 15/10kg
L4: 3 jumping pullup, 2 jumping chest to bars, 2hanging knee raises, 15/10kg