Warm up 15 min
Each movement for 50 m, Jogging, High knees, butt kickers, jumping jack, side shuffles

Split jerk practice
3 Rounds
5 Jumps into split position, no bar
5 Empty bar presses in split position
5* Split jerk balance
*Its ok to put on a little weight on this, a little.

Then outside 15 min
Running Practice
400m x 3-4
1 min rest between rounds
Goal is consistency, not speed. For every 3sec of difference between run times, perform 5 Burpees when done with this whole piece.

3 rounds for time, TC 20 min
20 Split jerks 43/30kg
25 Hand release push ups
30 Dumbbell renegade rows
Barbells is taken from floor for the first rep