Movement midline mobility

– 3×10-20sec L-sit
– 3 sets of 4 superman hold – 4 hollow hold, then 4 kips, all in rig
– 3 sets of 8 toes to stick laying on floor. Hold arms in 45 degree angle from the floor, that’s the position you aim to be in when doing the kipping toe to bar.


– 4 sets with 3 reps of strict to to bar
– 2 sets with 3-4 kipping toes to bar

Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds

– 1-2 legless rope climb
– 4-7 strict toes to bar
– 2x15m farmers carry example weight 2×32/24kg

Take the new dumbbells to this as well as kettlebells

L1: 2 legless without touching the floor
L2: RX
L3: Use legs on rope, kipping toe to bar, lighter farmers carry
L4: From floor to standing rope climb, hanging knee raises, lighter farmers carry