For time

30 Cal on assault bike
30 Pull ups
30 Clean and jerk 61/43kg
30 Handstand push ups
4×7,5m (30m) Dumbbell frontrack walking lunge 2×22,5/15kg
30 Toes to bars
30 Deadlift 61/43kg
6 Sandbag clean over shoulder 68/45kg

Use the new and old bikes, start 4-6 athletes at the same time, then the next 4-6, 1 or 2 min after those and so on.

L1: Chest to bars, strict hspu,

L2: –

L3: 15 pull ups, 43/30kg, 15 hspu, 15 T2B, 6 sandbag lift to chest

L4: jumping chest to bars, 43/30kg, 30 push ups, DB 15/10kg, hanging knee raises, sandbag deadlift 45/30kg