2 rounds of
5 Inchworms
10 Snap to superman hold
10 Snap to Hollow
10 Overhead extensions with light Kettlebell*
1-2 min plank hold with weight placed on lower back/pelvis
20+20sec Wall hip stretch
20+20sec Leg raises from bench
1-3 Pull overs or practice/try for 30 sec

*Lay flat on your back, brace your spine, take your kettlebell in both hand and hold it overhead, slowly begin to bring kettlebell overhead keeping your lower back pressed into the floor.

Kipping pull ups practice

Do this 4-5 times,

1 Jump to deadhang
2 Jump to deadhang, kip back and forth then stop in deadhang
3 Jump to deadhang, kip with control for 10 sec
4 Jump to deadhang, kip and pull yourself up towards the bar when your body is behind the bar, then drop down.
5 same as 4 but now push yourself from the bar then drop down
6 Same as 5 but when pushing hold on to the bar and go for the next kip and pull up.

Pull yourself backwards in every swing, don’t just hang in the bar.


Every 3 min 6 rounds

10 Cal row
10 Alt. lunges with Dumbbell, hold anyhow
10 Wallballs 9/6kg
5 Pull ups

L1: 22,5/15kg overhead lunges, 8 Chest to bars
L2: 22,5/15kg
L3: 15/10kg
L4:  15/10kg, 6/4kg WB, banded pull ups