Snatch warm up with empty barbell
Set + reps
3×3 Muscle snatch
3×3 Power snatch
3×3 Snatch balance

Continue with movements for pull ups and toes to bars for a couple of minutes.
Then work up to snatch weight to be used in metcon


Total time 32 min
Every 2 min, 8 rounds

7 Pull ups
2 Snatches

Followed by

Every 2 min 8 rounds

7 Toes to bars
3 Thrusters

Rest completely one round if needed.
Make sure the reps are good, quality before speed.
Each round should take 45-65 sec.


L1: CTB, squat snatch 60/43,5kg
L2: 43/30kg
L3: 35/25kg, 1-5 pull ups, 1-5 toes to bars
L4:  30/20kg, ring row, hanging knee raises