Snatch warm up with empty barbell

Set + reps

3×3 Muscle snatch
3×3 Power snatch
3×3 Snatch balance

12 min work of

1 Snatch high pull
1 Power snatch
1 Squat snatch

Do this complex and slowly working up in weights, don’t exceed 50-60%RM squat snatch
Stay in the catches 2-3 sec every time.
It perfectly ok to chare a barbell.


For time

-20 Snatch

Rest 2 min

-20 Clean & jerk

Rest 2 min

-10 Snatch

Rest 2 min

-10 Clean & jerk

L1: 50/35-60/43-70/47,5-80/53kg
L2: 10/5kg lower weights
L3: 10/5kg lower weight than L2
L4: 10/5kg lower weight than L3