During warm up, practice double unders for 3-5 min


Clean and jerk 15 min

Work up to a daily 4 touch n go clean and jerk, no resting on the ground, no regrip.
Can you go heavier than last week, with one lesser rep?


In groups of 3-5, start at different stations at the same time

Rotate every minute
EMOM 18 min

Min1: Cal row
Min2: Wallballs
Min 3: Double unders

L1: 15/12 cal, 15 WB 9/6kg, 40 DU
L2: 12/10 cal, 12 WB 9/6kg, 20 DU
L3: 10/8 cal, 10 WB 6/4kg, 10 DU
L4:  8/6 cal, 8 WB 6/4kg, practice DU for 30-40 sec