Midline stability (Warm up)

Every 4-5 min for 8-10 min (2 sets)
10-20 sec front level
10 Alternating v-ups
10 Push ups to open up (Hollow body position)
ASAP Dead hang to L-sit (ASAP=As many as possible)

10+10 Side up (side jackknife)

20 sec Flutter kicks

1-10 Diamond push up

Gymnastic training

Station 1: Walk around the box, feet on box, hands on ground

Station 2: Power plank, put feet on one box and the upper part of the shoulders on another box. Then put bumper weights on the center of the body. See how much you can hold. Then try laying with your back up.

Station 3: Balance on 4 medballs with hands and feets. Try lifting a foot, then a foot and a hand, try shoulder tap.

Station 4: High jumps

Stations 5: Skin the cat

Station 6: Deadhang with regrip and rotation


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