Show movement then let the group practice for 12 min

0-6 month of CF: same weight and many reps OR dumbbell snatch

Up to 3 years of CF: Practice the squat snatch, increase weight if form is good

+3 year of lifting: daily heavy squat snatch

AMRAP 25 min

Rope climb
3 Burpee box jump overs

L1: 1 Rope climb, 2 squat snatches 60/40kg,
L2: 1 Rope climb, 2 snatches anyhow 40/30kg
L3: 2 jump up and hold for 1 sec ropes, 2 snatches anyhow 30/20kg
L4:  Hang in the rope 5 sec, 2 alternating 15/10kg dumbbell snatch