Midline stability (Warm up)
Every 4-5 min for 8-10 min (2 sets)

10-20 sec front level
10 Alternating v-ups
10 Push ups to open up (Hollow body position)
ASAP Dead hang to L-sit (ASAP=As many as possible)

10+10 Side up (side jackknife)

20 sec Flutter kicks

1-10 Diamond push up

Toe to bar progressions 10-15 min

-Kip to deadhang in the middle and start to kip again
-Kip with knee raise (hanging knee raises)
-Kipping knee to elbow
-Kip with kick forward and back down
-Kip and toe to bar

Show and go through all stages, show the movement then let all test for 10-30 sec, then next movement

Before metcon
Show movements then let them take a couple of minutes to build up to metcon weight.

AMRAP 16 min

Team of 2, alternate movements

10 Toes to bar
8 Deadlift
6 Dumbbell squat cleans

L1: 100/70kg, 2×22,5/15kg
L2: 70/50kg, 2×22,5/15kg
L3: 60/40kg, 2×15/10kg
L4: 50/30kg, Goblet squats

For toes to bar, pick the progression that you need to practise