Before start, set up everything and go over movements
Each team will have one lane each to do the workout in.


Min 0-10

Find a daily heavy clean and jerk

Min 10-35

25min AMRAP

30/25 cal row
50 wallballs 9/6kg
30/25 cal row
40 Lateral burpee over bar
30/25 cal row
30 handstand pushups
30/25 cal row
20 power cleans 61/43kg
30/25 cal row
10 muscle ups

Min 35-40 Rest, then

Min 40-50 complete

100/70 push ups
– Every break, run 200m

L1: 10/5cm Deficit hspu, 80/52,5kg
L2: RX
L3: Box hspu, 10 strict pull ups, 43/30kg
L4: 6/4kg wallballs, DB push press instead of hspu, banded strict pull up, DB cleans