As a part of warm up
Every 4 min for 8 min (2 sets)

10 sec front level
1-5 Hip bridges
8 v-ups
6 straddle v-ups
20sec dead bug
10-60 sec handstand hold
1 Pull over, or try for 30 sec

In teams of 2, TC 25min
10 rounds for time, you go I go

1 Rope climb
2 Banded bar muscle ups
3 Roll overs (kullebyttor)
4 Burpees over box (anyhow)
4+4 Hang clean and jerk 22,5/15kg

L1: No jumping at the ropeclimb, No band, 30/22,5kg
L2: RX
L3: Lay to stand ropeclimb, jumping bar muscle ups, 15/10kg
L4: Jump up and hold for 10 sec in rope, jumping chest to bar, hang clean 15/10kg