FREDAG (kvällspasset)

Skill/Strength 15 min
Snatch complex

Build up to a heavy

-1 hang squat snatch
-1 overhead squat
-1 squat snatch

Not quite there yet?

Do this

-1 power snatch
-1 overhead squat

Light weights

Metcon (Lunch session, no team wod)
Team of 3, share as anyhow, TC 50min

100 DB box step ups 22,5/15kg
-90 Hang power cleans 50/35kg

80 Deadlifts 80/55kg
-70 Shoulder to overhead 50/35kg

60 Toes to bar
-50 DB cleans 2×22,5/15kg

40 Frontsquat 50/35kg
-30 Sync bar facing burpees (2 persons)
-20m Buddie carry

10 Rope climbs

During the workout complete the following:

-10 00m row, 250m each
-8500m only girls, 9000m mixed team

(Lunch session, no team wod)

L1: 60/40kg, in a weightvest 9/7kg
L2: RX
L3: 15/10kg DB, 40/30kg, hanging knee raises
L4: 15/10kg, 30/20kg, sit ups, 1 min sync deadhang instead of rope climbs