Every minute for 20 min

-1 Clean & jerk

When you can’t jerk the weight continue to clean as long as you can.

Start with 30/20kg
Add 5/2,5kg every minute
Work two and two on one barbell
When you fail the squat, lower the weight 20/10kg and continue to 20 min.

3 rounds for time, TC 14min

-21 Bar facing burpee
-15 Toes to bar
-In the remaining time, establish a 4 rep max Clean & Jerk

After the first rep, the bar never touches the ground. However, it must pass below the knee before going in to the next rep.

L1: TC 10 min, 9 rep max C&J
L2: RX
L3: Hanging knee raises, 4 rep max clean
L4: Sit ups, 30/25 frontsquat instead of max lift, find a ok weight.