Tests 20min

– Broad jump from standing position. Muscular power
Standing in jump position, jump as far you can

– Seated 4gk medball throw. Throwing power https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=14&v=K8I_lCpEihI

The athlete sits on the floor with his legs fully extended, feet 60 cm apart and with the back against a wall. The ball is held with the hands on the side and slightly behind the center and back against the center of the chest. The forearms are positioned parallel to the ground. The athlete throws the medicine ball as far straight forward as he can while maintaining the back against the wall. The distance thrown is recorded.

Do this test last with all doing it at the same time.

– Stork balance test. Balance test

Remove the shoes and place the hands on the hips, then position the non-supporting foot against the inside knee of the supporting leg. The subject is given one minute to practice the balance. The subject raises the heel to balance on the ball of the foot. The stopwatch is started as the heel is raised from the floor.

The stopwatch is stopped if any of the follow occur:

The hand(s) come off the hips

The supporting foot swivels or moves (hops) in any direction

The non-supporting foot loses contact with the knee.

The heel of the supporting foot touches the floor.


50+ Excellent

40-50 Good

25-39 Average

10-24 Fair

-10 Poor

Then do it again with eyes closed


Every 6 min for 18 min, 3 rounds
21/18 Calorie row
15 Burpee over rower
9+9 Hang clean and jerk 22,5/15kg

Go as fast as you can each round
if intervals take more than four minutes scale to 18/15-12-6

L1: –
L2: RX
L3: 15/10kg
L4: Kettlebell swing