Tabata 1 round as part of warm up
Alternate between arch and hollow hold


Practice ring swings in 3-5 sets with 4-6 swings, keep tension on the rings


3 Rounds

5 Muscle up transitions, no press out, Feet on floor and low rings
10-20sec low ring hold
5-10 Ring dips, pull up bar or high box dips as a scaling


2 Rounds:

3-5 False grip pull-ups to sternum in rings, false grip ring rows as a scaling
3 Hip to Ring Swings


Two dumbbell push press
Start low and work your way up to a max push press
Use all dumbbells, those in open gym as well if needed.

Amrap 5 min
Ascending reps by 1 each round

Chest to bar pull ups
Dumbbell push jerks 22,5/15kg

L1: –
L2: RX
L3: Pull ups, 15/10kg
L4: Ring row, one kettle bell