EMOM 12 min

– 1 min: 5-10 Strict toe to bar, max 30 secs, scale to knee raises
– 2 min: Lower ring hold, max 30 sec, scale to banded
– 3 min: 5-10 strict pull up, scale to ring row
– 4 min 5-10 Overhead squat with 15/10kg, scale to frontsquat

Spread out and start on all stations at once  


Split jerks from rack 15 min
– Work in pairs of 2-3

Practice with only barbell or light weight
– 5-6 reps each set

Focus is speed and controll


“Fast and furius”
16 rounds TC 7 min
In teams of 2 (you go I go, 8 rounds each)

– 7,5m run
– 1 Rope climb
– 7,5m run

L1: Legless
L2: RX
L3: 12 rounds, climb as high you can
L4: 10 rounds, from floor to standing and down again