10 x 15m shuttle runs, fast. Time it.


Accumulate 5 minutes in a static hold of choice: Hollow rock, plank, L-sit, handstand etc.

EMOM 24 min

1: 10 Single arm dumbbell thruster 5+5 22/14kg
2: 10 Front rack lunges with fatbars 40/25kg
3: 10 Kettlebell snatch 5+5 20/16kg
4: 2/1 Rope climbs
5: 5m handstand walk
6: Rest

L1: 24/16kg DB, 10 OH lunges, 24/16kg KB, 3 rope climbs
L2: Rx
L3: 16/10kg DB, lunges with medball 9/6kg, 16/8kg KB, 1 rope climb, 15m crab walk
L4: 12/8kg DB, lunges with medball 6/4kg, 12/6kg KB, 2 rope climb from laying on floor, 7,5m crab walk.