EMOM 8 min
Min1: 4 Frontrack reverse lunges 40/30kg
Min2: 2 Overhead squat 5 sec down 40/30kg
Min3: 2 Hang clean, stay in catch position 5 sec (squat OR power)
Min4 : 30sec overhead hold 40/30kg

Pre metcon 10-15min

Work up to a starting weight for the metcon


For max total weight
Starting every 2 min x5 sets (10min)
– 1 Hang clean
– 2 Cleans
– 1+1 Front rack reverse lunges
– 1 Shoulder to overhead
– 2 Overhead squats

Add the weight from all rounds, that’s your score, post it on the white board.

The cleans are anyhow
Its ok to change weight after every round.
The last overhead squat must be completed within the 2 min.