Use the white board and note your times/weight
In teams of 2


AMRAP 12 min, alternating each round
– 30 double unders scale to 60 single unders
– 15 snatches 35/25kg scale to 20/15kg

Score is reps

MINUTE 12-22
3 rep max front squat

Score is total weight

MINUTE 22-30
In 8 min complete
– 50 deadlifts 80/55kg, partner in ring deadhang
– 50 handstand push-ups, partner in handstand hold scale to push presses 30/20kg, partner in plank

Score is time

MINUTE 30-finish
– 150 Wallball over pull up bar, athletes on both sides tossing the ball over the bar 9/6kg
– 100 Power cleans 50/40kg scale to 40/30kg
– 50 “Double unders de lux”, both athletes jump single unders at the same time with the same rope.
– 25 muscle ups, scale to 40 chest to bar 60 pull ups 80 jumping pull ups.

Score is time