Warm up 10min
Tabata x 2 sets each of:
20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest = 1 set

Ex: 20 sec single arm plank, rest 10 then 20 sec single arm plank, then next movement.
Single-arm plank
Alternating lateral Lunges
Side plank
Air squats
Hollow hold or rock
Plank shoulder taps
Bear crawl
Frog jumps
Wall climbs

Skill/Strength 10 min

Strict press 4 set with 5 reps at 70%RM


Skilltrack 24min

Take 2 min on each of the 6 stations then then rotate, 2 rounds

Handstand walk around box, feet on box

Kip into rubberband

Medball get ups

Handstand with tap

Pull overs



3 rounds for time TC: 4 min

Double unders

Dumbbell snatches, alternating

L1: 50 DU, 12 DB, 22,5/15kg

L2: 30 DU, 12 DB, 22,5/15kg

L3: 15 DU, 12 DB 15/10kg

L4: 5 DU + 30 SU, 15/10kg